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Chrome is Google's web browser. It is developed in the Chromium project, is based on open source and uses the Webkit rendering engine.

It works on the Windows operating system and in beta version can be found for Mac and Linux.


download chrome

You can download Chrome for free from its official page and from Play Store App.

You can install browser on PC, MAC, Android and Iphone devices.



Therefore, today we are going to tell you about 10 ways in which you can take advantage that you probably did not know. Of course, we do not want to generalize, and it is possible that many of you are already using these functionalities. But for those who do not know them, or have just migrated to this fantastic browser, it will be an excellent way to discover new things.

  • Account synchronization: We can synchronize our extensions and bookmarks by creating an account and then synchronizing it between different devices. Thus, we will never lose our favorite pages or work that we use every day, even when we change computers, or we have to work from a computer that is not ours.


  • Using the iPad interface: do we want to replicate the iPad's mobile experience on our own computer? We can also do it. All pages that have an optimized version for Apple's mobile device can be viewed in the same way on the computer. You have to follow some very simple steps that are arranged in Guiding Tech.


  • Task Manager: We also have access to a task manager to know exactly what resources we are consuming on certain pages. It treats each one of the tabs that we have open as if it were a process, in order to eliminate one if it has a problem. With the task manager that is accessed from the Tools, we can see all this. There is also a keyboard shortcut, with Shift + Esc.


  • The search bar: one of the most notorious features is its impressive search bar. It allows us to do mathematical calculations and search within a certain site (which we can also configure from the browser tools) to save steps when we are in a hurry.


  • Drag and drop downloads: they are located in a special bottom bar that we can close at any time. In order to move the files from place, we just have to select one of the ones in that bar, and move it to the folder we want.


  • Fix a tab: through its Pin function, it allows us to keep a tab always in the same position, so as not to accidentally lose it, move it from place or close it. With the functionality of Pin, for example, we can always have the pages that we use always open, such as Gmail or Facebook. This is accessed by right clicking on the tab, and selecting "Pin tab" or "fix tab".


  • Hide tabs: are we looking at something wrong that lowers productivity at work and our boss approaches? We do not have to despair: pressing F4 in the browser, the tabs will be hidden. To do so, we need to have installed an extension called Panic Button, which will allow us to hide some tabs or all of them.


  • Move tabs in and out of a window: another of the most practical features offered by this browser is the ability to move the tabs inside and outside a certain window. To get them out of a window, we simply have to drag them "out" of their area, and a new window will be created. To be able to add them again, we repeat the same process, but pressing the Ctrl button on the keyboard.


  • Incognito mode: to protect our browsing data, it also offers us an incognito mode that can be activated easily. We just have to right click on the top bar and select the creation of a new incognito tab. With a keyboard shortcut, it can also be opened. Some extensions make use and abuse of incognito mode, so we can take advantage of it in multiple ways.


  • Pasting text only: when we copy text from a web page, we are not only copying what is written. We are also taking away with no


In the browser war, this one has been increasingly positioning itself as the future winner. With updates followed, an impressive speed to interpret the most modern code and the backing of a titan like the big G this browser is becoming the favorite. But that's not all: it also has a huge extension market to customize our experience on the web, which has everything in it, from aggregates to manage social networks to different ways of taking screenshots and taking notes. In itself, it is quite complete. In fact, so complete that there are probably things that you didn't know about it, and that can really be used to increase our productivity or have a different and more satisfactory navigation experience.


It should be noted that it is a browser that seeks to support the different standards that exist on the web and its version was already 100% compatible with the ACID3 test.

Similarly it seeks a great performance in the execution of javascript code and for this they have developed the Javascript V8 engine.



It sees the light on 2.September.2008 in version 0.2 beta. And at the end of the same year comes 1.0. First stable version.

In May 2009 we would have 2.0, which offered us a 35% improvement in javascript performance, autocomplete forms, support to 50 languages, ... And a few months later, September 2009,  3.0, with HTML 5 support video, omnibox improvements, and theme management.

Undoubtedly, a rapid evolution of this web browser that will take us to January 2010 to have its 4.0 version with extensions, bookmark synchronization, ....


The browser executes the tabs in separate processes of the operating system. This allows to make a separate management of the tabs and in the case of hanging a tab prevents the browser from crashing.
It allows to do incognito navigation, through which no trace is left in the machine of the sites through which it has been navigated (cookies, history, ...)
Make eyelash management. We can open different links in different tabs. No need to open a new window.
The tabs are located at the top of the browser. Which allows having a larger navigation area.
Its navigation bar is called omnibox which carries search autocomplete capabilities, search suggestion, ...
Create shortcuts to URL. In this way we can have an icon that launches a URL as if it were an application.
The basic functionality can be improved by its extensions. There are extensions that allow us to access GMail, Google Reader, newspapers ...

It allows us to have our bookmarks synchronized regardless of where we have it installed. For this, he uses a G account. So, if we have it installed on the PC at home and at work, we can see the same favorites in both.